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Riverbank Genesis
Tuesday, October 06, 2015
By William Mangum
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Riverbank Genesis


Two days away from a wonderful show here at the Gallery filled with painting that I captured this summer across the state.  This Spring I was asked by Klaussner Furniture to add to my Carolina Preserves Home Collection.  Celebrating thestate of North Carolina is a natural.  We began with a cherry finish for the "Blue Ridge Collection" capturing the glory of NC Mountains with a distinct Lodge influence.  Then we created the "Sea Breeze Collection" in white birch, perfect coastal theme!

Next came the "Southern Pines Collection" for a cottage theme.  This is my hometown and I'm so proud to use it as the inspiration for this storied collection.  So back to "Riverbank"  You can see that I used the three distinct regions of NC to influence all of my collections.  The one natural corridor that connects everything together are North Carolina's rivers.  The most colorful aspect of the rivers are their banks.  Hence the title for this show and fourth Home Collection.

Today I begin to blog and share some inside stories and entertainment to the all the facets of my business.  Should be a treat to take you along for the ride.  Feel free to reach out and ask questions.

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