Order of the Long Leaf Pine
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Saturday, October 10, 2015
By William Mangum
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Thursday evening we held an opening at the Gallery debuting our new "Riverbank Show" and a few samples from our new Home Collection under the same title.


Doors opened at 5:30 and the crowd began to swell and swell.  The attendance was the more than I could have ever anticapted.  It wasn't until an hour into the evening that the North Carolina Secretary of Commerce, John Skvarla showed up with my good friend Tim Kent.  Unbenownst to me I was Honored and presented the "Order of the Long Leaf Pine" by Governor Pat McCory.  Secretary Skvarla did an amazing job reflecting on my forty years as an artist.



It's at this time that I would like to publicly acknowledged the tremendous blessing that I have been given.  The Good Lord truly has touched me with a wonderful gift.  One that has led me to create more than 3000 paintings, literally from around the world.  My family has been at the forefront supporting and encouraging me from the onset.  My mom was my most ardent cheerleader.  Embarassing at times!  Cynthia and the kids have allowed me to chase a dream that only a few could ever dream of.  Joy, my gallery director, friend and confidant has been beside me through some of the most colorful and challenging times.  The staff has been loyal and always there to accomodate my wishes.

But it is you that I would really like to thank.  If you have paused and looked at my paintings on the website, read an article, attended a show, purchased a calendar to being one that has admired and collected an original; I thank you.  Thank you for your confidence in taking time to meet me, come by the gallery, encourage, acknowlege.  I am truly grateful for this honor and privlege to be an artist.



Finally, to the State of North Carolina.  There is none like it.  From the Blue Ridge Mountains to its glorious Outer Banks.  Everything in between compounded with four colorful seasons truly makes it an artist paradise.

I'm so blessed to call it home, one that I champion and cherish each and every day!

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